About me

Hi, I’m David! I’m a research scientist at Apple. I like training general-purpose multimodal models using simple yet scalable methods :)

Recent work

  • 4M-21: An Any-to-Any Vision Model for Tens of Tasks and Modalities
    Roman Bachmann*, Oğuzhan Fatih Kar*, David Mizrahi*, Ali Garjani, Mingfei Gao, David Griffiths, Jiaming Hu, Afshin Dehghan, Amir Zamir
    arXiv preprint, 2024 • Project PagePaperCode

  • 4M: Massively Multimodal Masked Modeling
    David Mizrahi*, Roman Bachmann*, Oğuzhan Fatih Kar, Teresa Yeo, Mingfei Gao, Afshin Dehghan, Amir Zamir
    NeurIPS, 2023 [Spotlight] • Project PagePaperOpenReviewCode

  • MultiMAE: Multi-modal Multi-task Masked Autoencoders
    Roman Bachmann*, David Mizrahi*, Andrei Atanov, Amir Zamir
    ECCV, 2022 • Project PagePaperCode

  • Composite Relationship Fields with Transformers for Scene Graph Generation
    George Adaimi, David Mizrahi, Alexandre Alahi
    WACV, 2023 • PaperCode

  • [Re] Can gradient clipping mitigate label noise?
    David Mizrahi, Oğuz Kaan Yüksel, Aiday Marlen Kyzy
    ReScience C, 2021 • PaperOpenReviewCode

* Equal Contribution